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When should I schedule my installation?

Since we have a short holiday season, we recommend you schedule installation as early as October. We have found that most of our customers like to be decorated for right after Thanksgiving. To assure that, we begin installing in Mid-October and end in late December. Remember the lights don't have to be turned on until you're ready!

Do I need to be home for installation?

Most of the time our customers do not need to be at home during the installation. Our highly trained installation teams can complete the installation whether you are home or not. In some cases the power supply access may be inside the garage behind a locked fence or gate, and in that case the home owner would need to be home to grant us access.

Why should I have you provide the lights when I can buy them at the store?

We highly recommend having us provide the lights. If this is your first time using our service, we provide ALL necessary material such as LED lights, clips, extension cords, timers, stakes, and, or ties, to properly install the display. Upon removal, the lights and ALL material are yours. You own them. This way for future years you just pay for the installation and removal. This is your investment. We will pack your material in bins and you can choose from us storing them in your home or business, or we can store them in our facility.

How long do the lights and material last?

From experience. Theoretically, the LED technology is to last a life time. But as we know, there are lights and strings that do go out. We will replace any out light strings for future use.
(Please note: Each year, we allow for a 10% failure rate on all lights as they go through winter weather conditions.)

Why Christmas Creations of Monmouth?

We are not a franchise business like most other companies you will find. We pride ourselves being a family run, operator and installed business. We have maintained an extremely high rate of customer retention throughout the years, and also pride ourselves on customer service. Our professional team will make sure that we provide creative design expertise, top quality products, and unmatched service. You can also count on us to come back after the holidays and remove your decorations. Don't let yourself become a victim to many other companies that take your money and run. Most importantly we are fully insured so you are sure to have a safe and hassle free holiday installation and removal.

Call for a FREE design consultation: 732-515-8688